Monday, May 10, 2010

Information about Korea & Seoul

South Korea is a country in Asia. In 1945 it became official Republic of South Korea. It is boarded next to North Korea.

Korea has a population of about 48 million people. The capital of Korea is Seoul and the 2nd largest city in Korea is Busan (the harbor city). Korean is the official language spoken in Korea. They are using Hangul for writing. About 45% of the population doesn’t have a religion. There are several big religions in Korea as Christianity, Protestant, Catholic and Buddhist.

Seoul became after splitting up North and South Korea, the capital of the Republic of Korea. It has a population of about 11 million people. With the suburban’s is has a population of 23 million people.

As you think of it 23 million with suburban’s, the Netherlands is nothing comparing to Seoul. We only have 16 million people living in the Netherlands. It is a very small country and closed populated.

Capital: Seoul
Language: Hangul
Population: 50,062,00
Area: 100,140 Km2
GDP(2009): $1.364 trillion
GDP per capita: $17,074
Currency: South Korean Won (KRW)

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