Thursday, May 13, 2010

Universities in Korea

Universities in Korea are very important. The university where you will go, will decide your future. Education is very important for the Koreans. The parents want their children to have a good future prospect. From the beginning of the childhood the children are getting the best education till they finish university.

The ranking of the universities is also very important. Everyone is trying to get into the best university of Seoul. What I know from the Korean students is that they have to make a test to enter the University.

Top 4
1. Seoul University
2. Korea University
3. Yonsei University
4. Sungkyunkwan University

It just happened that I am studying at Sungkyunkwan University. Of course in The Netherlands we look at which university is the best in The Netherlands. In The Netherlands, universities are not ranked. And there is not 1 the best of the best. Universities have several areas where they are the best in. Like Erasmus University in Rotterdam is the best in economics.
I choose my university, because of the study and the atmosphere of the school and city. Not because it was the best university or the best study.
I think it is a good thing that Korean parents focus a lot on education. You want to have a good future for your children, and why not starting when they are young.

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